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A New OnePlus Watch Update Will Fix Major Issues

The OnePlus Watch launched to some pretty sour reviews due to its poor performance. A recent post on the OnePlus forum addresses the negative..

The OnePlus Watch launched to some pretty sour reviews due to its poor performance. A recent post on the OnePlus forum addresses the negative feedback. And a new OnePlus Watch update promises to fix the major issues that users are experiencing.

The OnePlus Watch was plagued with issues at launch

On the post, product manager Raymond Z thanked the community for its feedback and listed off the improvements that the new update will bring. The list does touch on most, if not all, of the main gripes that users have with the device.

If you remember, the OnePlus Watch launched just recently, and people who bought the device were not only underwhelmed, they were downright annoyed. The heart rate monitor took a long time to give a reading, and that’s probably the smallest complaint. The step tracking was typically off by sometimes hundreds of steps.

Another major issue dealt with the notifications. People would typically get the same notification multiple times. This would be a major bother to people who get a lot of notifications to start with. These issues put the OnePlus Watch behind other smartwatches.

The list of improvements include better GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring

The list of improvements is a rather sizable one. What’s more, is that it includes improvements to the main pain points that people have been dealing with. We see improved accuracy of activity tracking for walking and running, optimized heart rate monitoring algorithm, and optimized notification syncing algorithm. This means that we should see improvements with the main annoyances.

The other improvements are improved GPS performance, enabled notification app icons for the most frequently used apps, improved raise-to-wake function, fixed some known bugs, and improved system stability. With this major update, users who bought the OnePlus Watch should hopefully see real improvements to their day-to-day experience.

The new OnePlus Watch update doesn’t stop at the improvements

Along with the list of fixed bugs, Raymond Z also revealed a list of features that are to come down the road. There’s a new always-on-display feature coming. It’ll be a neat feature, but it will most likely impact battery life. There’s also remote camera control for Android devices running Android 6.0 or higher. Other additions include a 12-hour time format and support for four additional languages- German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

There are 100+ workout modes coming. Which is great for users because having more health-centric features than just the step tracker and heart rate monitor makes this a more compelling buy.

The AI watch face seems interesting. The Oppo Watch has a watch face that uses AI to automatically match itself to the outfit you’re wearing. OnePlus might nip that feature- especially since both companies share the same parent company. The update is set to be released in Canada and the States in a few days. Keep your eyes open for this latest update.

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